Zeiss Apo Distagon T* 1.4/55 Otus


Focal Length 55 mm
Min. Aperture f/1.4  
Max. Aperture f/16  
Blades: 9  
Elements: 12  
Groups: 10  
Min. Foc. Dist. 0.5 m
AF: no  
Stabilization: no  
Class: Full Frame  
Mount: F/EF  
Filter: 77 mm
Length: 141.0 mm
Diameter: 92.4 mm
Weight: 970 g
Launch: 2013  


Resolving Power: 1532 σ = 0.0
Contrast: 1391 σ = 0.0
Color: 1086 σ = 0.0
Bokeh: 1667 σ = 0.0
Star: 1098 σ = 0.0
Distortion: 988 σ = 0.0
Falloff: 973 σ = 0.0
Flare: 1359 σ = 0.0
LaCA: 1453 σ = 0.0
LoCA: 1796 σ = 0.0
LenScore™ 1390 σ = 0.0

Number of lenses measured: 1 (ZF.2)


The first member of Zeiss' new Otus line of high-end lenses raises the bar in four important categories - resolving power, contrast, lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberrations - surpassing our previous top performer, the excellent Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200mm f/2.0G ED VR II; at half the size, a third of the weight and a significantly lower price. This extraordinary lens will probably not sell in large numbers, but it will nonetheless have considerable impact on the still camera lens market by raising expectations and forcing other manufacturers to step up their game. A marvel of precision engineering and optical craftsmanship worthy of being our new #1. Great for product photography and landscapes, but thanks to superb bokeh also a very good choice for portraits.