Sigma 150-600mm f/5.0-6.3 DG OS HSM S


Focal Length 150-600 mm
Min. Aperture f/5.0-6.3  
Max. Aperture f/22  
Blades: 9  
Elements: 24  
Groups: 16  
Min. Foc. Dist. 2.6 m
AF: yes  
Stabilization: yes  
Class: Full Frame  
Mount: F/EF  
Filter: 105 mm
Length: 290.2 mm
Diameter: 121.5 mm
Weight: 2860 g
Launch: 2014  


Resolving Power: 884 σ = 0.0
Contrast: 852 σ = 0.0
Color: 796 σ = 0.0
Bokeh: 877 σ = 0.0
Star: 801 σ = 0.0
Distortion: 943 σ = 0.0
Falloff: 721 σ = 0.0
Flare: 675 σ = 0.0
LaCA: 761 σ = 0.0
LoCA: 786 σ = 0.0
LenScore™ 821 σ = 0.0

Number of lenses measured: 1 (EF-mount)


With solid optical performance, good build quality, fast autofocus, effective optical stabilization and a very attractive price, Sigma's new heavyweight ultra tele zoom is filling a gap in the market of affordable telephoto lenses. Shooting 600mm full frame on a budget always meant accepting compromises when it comes to image quality, and Sigma's latest offering unsurprisingly cannot change that, but it certainly raises the bar by quite a few notches, easily outperforming its direct competitor, the Tamron 150-600mm f/5.0-6.3 Di VC USD, in every category save vignetting. Unfortunately, resolving power, contrast, chromatic aberrations and falloff are significantly better in the 150-300mm range than they are at 600mm, which is a pity as very few photographers will chose a lens of this type for shooting at 150mm. Nonetheless, when it comes to optical performance both overall and at 600mm, this currently is the ultra tele zoom lens of choice if size and weight do not matter. Our new #1 in the category.